Case-Mate Apple iPhone 4/4S Hula Case Orange + Screen Protector (Bumper)

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Case-Mate Apple iPhone 4/4S Hula Case orange + Φιλμ προστασιας μαζι.

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Open in the front and back, the Hula iPhone 4/4S case covers the perimeter of your device, protecting all sides, corners, and even the body. The Hula bezel raises the screen and back of your iPhone 4 off the ground when laying flat. The Hula combines two materials: impact resistant silicone to frame your device’s edges and strong, clear TPR plastic between those lines. Together they form a protective band. It’s a layer that absorbs impacts with hard surfaces, with less coming between you and your device. The Hula also separates your hand from the iPhone 4’s built-in receiver, found around its edges, helping you to avoid the emerging “dropped call” problem that comes from touching the upper left corner. Your Hula iPhone 4 case is just what you need. Nothing else. At all. Practically naked. (You can apply the included front and back screen protector if you’re feeling modest.) Don Ho would be proud. Features: * band profile showcases more of your iPhone 4 * slim, form-fit design * impact resistant silicone and TPR plastic * access to all iPhone 4 ports and functions * screen protection and back protection included


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