Nillkin Tempered Glass 2.5D CP+ Black for Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

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Nillkin Tempered Glass 2.5D CP+ Black for Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

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Only 100% genuine original Nillkin products in retail package. It has anti-fake membrane, QR code and barcode. Don't buy cheap fake "Nillkin" products from third-party shops when you can get genuine products to make yourself happier. ​Nillkin Amazing CP+ tempered glass screen protector for Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Made of selected Japan imported AGC glass material and HARVES nanotechnology with excellent defensive performance. It has super high transmittance and high restoring the original color of screen. Special tempered glass, up to 9H hardness, super strong and anti-scratch, resists burst, explosion, impacts and bumps. Nanometer thin oil coating surface, more effectively to protect from fingerprints, oil and dirt, and to filter ultraviolet ray. Anti-glare coating makes it possible to use your phone in sunlight or in brightly lit condition. Precise CNC cutting technology makes the film fit the screen easily and precisely. 2.5D edging craft, safe and smooth to use. Environmental silicon coating, quicker adsorption and can be reused after cleaning. Selected Japan imported AGC glass material, HARVES nanotechnology Complete covering the front of phone Super high transparency, excellent screen display 9H hardness but only 0.3mm thickness Nanometer thin oil coating surface Anti-glare coating, anti-fingerprints Scratch resistant and anti-explosion 2.5D edging craft, safe and smooth.


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