Samsung Headset EO-HS3303WEG Stereo for Galaxy S4 i9500 White (χωρίς συσκευασία)

6,90 €

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 Active I9295, Galaxy Mega I9205 Galaxy S4 mini I9190, Galaxy S4 I9505/I9500/I9506, GalaxyS3 I9300, GalaxyS3LTE I9305, GalaxyNote N7000 (I9220), GalaxyNote2 N7100, I9070 GalaxySAdvance, N8000/N8010/N8020 GalaxyNote10.1, GalaxyS3mini I8190, GalaxyS3LTE I9305, B5510, C3300, C3330, C3310, C3500, C3520, C3530, C3560, C3750, C3780, E1280, E2230, E2330 E2600, I5500, I5510, I8150, I8160, I8350, I8530, I8730, I8750, I9001, I9003, I9010, I9023, I9070, I9100, I9103, I9105, I9210, I9250, N5100, N5110, N5120, N7100, N7105, P1000 P1010, P3100 P3110, P5100, P5110, P6201 P6211, P7300 P7310, P7500, P7510, P7501, P7511, S3350, S3570, S3850, S5220, S5250, S5260, "S5300, S5301", S5330, S536x, S5380, S5570, S5610, S5660, S5670, S5690, S5780, S583x, S6010, S6102, S6310, S6312, S6500, S6802, S6810P, S7250, S7230, S7500, S7562, S7710, S8530, S8600, YP-GS1, YP-G1, YP-GI1, YP-G70

Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

Compact ergonomic design (easy-to-use: Left / Right) - 2 speakers in each headphone (woofer & twitter speakers) - Dynamic deep bass & high-resolution treble sound - Balanced sound with full-frequency range - Slim flat cable prevents tangled wires - 3.5mm Stereo jack - Keys for accepting calls and volume control Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 / I9505 HS330